What We Do

The Jackson Community Food Pantry (JCFP) is a 501c3 non-profit that provides food to those in the Jackson Michigan area, that have been impacted by financial problems as a result of: unemployment (lay-offs & downsizing), divorce, disability, health, domestic violence, homelessness, disaster, aging and rising cost of living. We gather, store and distribute goods to those who find themselves in a time of special need and crisis. Our mission incorporates a respect for the dignity of each person we serve and seeks to collaborate with those who share our mission.

The pantry is open every Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 701 Greenwood. A picture ID is required.

Ways to Help

Volunteer Overview

Volunteers are the backbone of Jackson Community Food Pantry, participating in every aspect of our operations. In order to serve 800+ hungry families each month, the Food Pantry relies on volunteers for tasks ranging from stocking shelves, to rescuing food at local grocery stores, to serving clients at weekly food distributions.


  • Serving clients
  • Unloading food deliveries
  • stocking shelves
  • picking up donated produce from local grocery stores
  • Preparing the food pantry for weekly food distributions
  • Hosting a food drive with your school, organization, church, etc.
  • Helping with a mobile outreach pantry
  • Taking food to shut ins who cannot get to the pantry


2019 Charity Golf Tournament

Play golf and support the Jackson Community Food Pantry at the 1st Annual Gold Tournament, by CertainTeed. Click here to sign up and learn more.

2018 Annual Spring Tea

Many thanks to the wonderful group of women, headed by Karen Hawley, who put on the Spring Tea at Baker College. They spent many hours on this fundraiser and it paid off - not only was the event beautiful eye candy and a lot of fun, but it raised over $10,000 for our pantry. That will pay for 2 months of food for the Jackson community. That’s quite a blessing!

About Us

Mission Statement

The Jackson Community Food Pantry makes food accessible to people without judgment and without barriers, building a sense of community between our participants, our volunteers and our supporters.

Our History


The Francis Street Food Pantry was created on June 18, 2008. It opened in the American Red Cross building located on Francis Street in Vandercook Lake south of Jackson. The space was donated to the pantry by the Red Cross at no cost.


The management of the pantry had been looking for a different location to house the pantry since the beginning due to the space limitations at the Red Cross. In 2011 the search was intensive and around 40 different locations, buildings and agreements were considered. Costs to purchase, build or lease another site were prohibitive. In order more affectively deal with the numbers of clients a 501(C)(3) was created under the name of the Jackson Community Food Pantry. This allowed the purchase property with tax advantages to cut costs, manage financial matters, and improve governance with a Board of Directors structure.

A building was located and purchased that accommodates the needed space requirements and is located in the middle of the Partnership Park Neighborhood Association. This allows the pantry to better meet the needs of the Jackson community. The location is more accessible to those with the greatest need. The Francis Street Food Pantry moved from the American Red Cross building to this location on October 19, 2011 and was reconstituted as the Jackson Community Food Pantry.

A snapshot of the increase in service from the time period between January 2011 and October 12, 2011 for the Francis Street pantry and between October 19 and November 9 2011 for the new JCFP shows 48.8% increase in the number of households and a 61.5% increase in the average number of people served. Not only are we now serving almost 49 % more households, but there are more people per household.

The Jackson Community Food Pantry has made extensive repairs to make the building suitable for use. The pantry has created a fund raising committee to do various events, develop collaborative partnerships with other groups, and to locate and obtain grants to stabilize our financial revenue.


Year People Households Age 0-17 Age 17-54 Age 55+ Males Females
2017 26,708 11,096 7,226 13,538 5,944 14,496 12,212
26% 51% 23% 55% 45%

JCFP set an average of 216 people a week in 2017